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ClientPatient Advocate is a market leader in the development and delivery of new products and services, providing access to both private and public healthcare providers.

They manage medical, mental health and occupational health conditions by using evidence-based clinically compliant guidelines within a case and care management database and outcomes reporting technology system.
This means that they handle high volumes of very sensitive personal data.

Liquid Computing has been running their IT systems for 10 years when we were asked to make some changes and improvements.

Brief – Our brief was simple: To make recommendations to improve security, minimise exposure in relation to a data breach and to ensure that all systems were GDPR compliant.

Strategy & implementation – The first step in our strategy was to make sure we met all requirements of the brief. This started by setting up a new server. This server utilises the Windows 2016 operating system and, in conjunction with this, we also ensured that all computers and laptops are running the latest OS (operating system), Windows 10.

Next we made sure that all staff were provided with a laptop / desktop PC that was secure and set up with both disk and file encryption or mobile security where appropriate plus monitoring and remote access software so if anything were to ever happen then any affected devices could be ‘bricked’, deleted or rendered non-operational remotely.
Once we had installed the new server and updated all computers and laptops, we set to work on protecting the server. To begin with we combined Sophos Endpoint (anti-virus software) which gets installed on both the server and the devices, with Sophos Intercept X (anti-ransomware).

Once this had been completed, we moved on to install Sophos SafeGuard encryption software that not only encrypts all files by default, but also encrypts the HDD (hard -drive) to prevent any data from being stolen or lost if the HDD were to be removed from the PC and inserted into another, thus bypassing the user login.

Sophos SafeGuard also protects against incidents such as accidentally sending an email with attachments to the wrong person. Normally this would be a data breach, however with Sophos SafeGuard the message is fully encrypted and will not be legible to any device apart from the one that it is intended for. This is done by providing a passcode that is sent separately to the recipient allowing the recipient to open the attachment.

Finally we installed the Sophos XG Firewall to protect against any outside attempts to gain access to or control the server or any of the computers or laptops, or indeed the entire network.

Results – Patient Advocate was looking to work with a new, signficiant client shortly after we had finished upgrading their system. As part of the process of securing this business, the potential client insisted that Patient Advocate had a full audit to ensure they had the highest levels of security.

There was a subsequent full audit of the entire IT system and the network, conducted by INFOSEC on behalf of the client, however it did not end there. Patient Advocate directors plus our very own Liquid Computing director, Stuart Kenny, were also brought in to answer numerous questions during an interview concerning all topics including: access, security systems and password protection.
Following the audit, questionnaire and interviews Patient Advocate were advised that they satisfied all the requirements of the audit and were thus able to secure the business from this client. This was as a result of Liquid Computing’s help with GDPR and the implementation of a very robust IT infrastructure to support the business in its growth and development.