Built Around You

At Liquid we build your website around you and your business.
From the very start we involve you in the process and the journey.
It is an exciting experience building a website and the web is the largest platform to market your business on so we need to get it right and we can’t do that without you.


Your web presence is about conveying your message to your audience in a clear, easy to consume and intuitive manner. We are here to help put your products, services, information, you, in front of your consumer.

All about Responsive
Design Process

In doing we consider your Brand, User Interaction and Web Accessibility. Mobile Devices are changing this space dramatically right now and your website must work on these. Every website we build today is responsive, re-sizing to fit all screen sizes from the smallest handheld device to the largest screen.

It’s all about responsive Design!

When we build a website for our clients they are Responsive.

A Responsive website is one built to provide an optimal viewing experience so the user does not have to keep re-sizing, panning and scrolling and makes the site easy to navigate and read.

Whether you have a mobile phone, tablet , computer or large screen our Responsive websites will work seamlessly across all of these.

Built Around You
Design Process

Our websites allow you to…

  • content management every page
  • change the design layout of pages
  • optimise every page for search engines
  • easily manage the blog, testimonials etc.
  • create and manage forms
  • change where pages appear on the menu
  • and much more – just ask!

Our Design Process

Liquid Design provide a design and development process that provides the customer not just with a great website but one with a design that works, is well structured, easy to navigate, and will help convert visitors into customers.


Things for you to consider – do you…

  • require a Blog or News feature?
  • need to showcase your Clients, Products, Services, Testimonials?
  • require forms or need a registration facility?
  • need pages accessible only by login?
  • need anything else – just ask!
All About Responsive
Built Around You

How we do it?

  • Listen and understand your requirements
  • Technology guidance and advice
  • Review and agree features / functionality
  • Develop the design utilising your brand
  • You gather and provide content
  • We build you review work in progress
  • Jointly complete testing & approve content, features & functionality
  • Go live!

We are here to help put your products, services, information, you in front of your potential clients.

Microsoft Exchange Email

If you use multiple computers and/or mobile devices or are a mobile worker, you ideally need to be using this business grade email solution. One benefit is enhanced security for your email.
Our Exchange email hosting includes a free licence for Microsoft Outlook 2010, secure transmission, a massive 10GB of storage space, automatic backup, outlook web access (OWA), access via multiple devices eg computers / mobile devices plus enterprise virus & spam protection.

All this for ONLY £10 + vat per month per mailbox.

Domain Names


If you do not have a website but still need mailboxes we provide simple pop / imap email hosting packages.
Plans start from only £60 + vat per Year for mailboxes with 400MB of storage.
Upgrade any mailbox to Premium with 2GB storage for £20 + vat per year.
Hosting includes autoresponders, catch all, forwarding, junk mail filters and mailing lists.
Note: Our web hosting plans allow our customers to manage an unlimited number of pop / imap email mailboxes.


Liquid Computing make web hosting easy & convenient.
Partnered with one of the UK’s biggest hosting companies we can provide you with industry-leading web hosting products and services.
We provide hosting plans for the most basic or demanding web sites, always with FTP & Control Panel access.
Don’t forget every hosting package needs a domain name.

Email Hosting
Domain Names

Our web hosting plans provide for unlimited web space, unlimited bandwidth as well as unlimited inclusive pop / imap email.
Our solution is perfect for websites of all sizes, so whether it’s your first web site, looking for powerful and flexible web hosting without limits, or advanced ecommerce hosting, we have a hosting package to make your website a success.

Plans start from only £60 + vat per Year

.co.uk .com .org .biz?

Buying your domain name with Liquid Computing is quick & easy.
We manage a wide range of domains including .com, .org, .net, .co.uk, .co, .org.uk, .uk.com, .info and many more.
There are lots of other less traditional domains including .uk.com, .photography, .graphics, .photos, .technology, .today and .sexy!

Email Hosting

Every business needs a domain name to point at their website and allow them to run mailboxes.
As an example we have liquid-computing.co.uk and .com. for our website and use xxx@liquid-computing.co.uk for our mailboxes.

Prices start from only £10 + vat per year for a .co.uk for 1 year.

Note: For professional impressions it is not ideal for a business to use hotmail type mailboxes eg liquid@hotmail.com.

Website marketing is done via search engines, email & social media

Search Engine Marketing is a form of marketing that improves a websites visibility to a search engine.
We focus on natural search (organic search) where all websites are listed and indexed due to their relevancy. Our job is to help you make your site relevant to your target market.
You can utilise paid listings where you pay to be listed in specific positions within search engines results, also known as per-per-click advertising.


Email marketing: is all about getting your products, services and brand in front of your target market using targeted emails.

Social marketing: is all about developing awareness of your products, services and brand across social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

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